Top 10 Food Tours in Toronto

It has been amazing to witness the growth and development of each and every neighbourhood across the city of Toronto. It seems as though they have flourished in recent years, with each and every one taking on its own unique identity. Lets not kid ourselves though, Toronto neighbourhoods have always been alive and kicking with super cool and trendy establishments, but we can thank social media for the recent increase in awareness. We encourage you to explore each and every pocket within the city and conveniently enough all of these Culinary Experiences in Toronto can be found on

These chef-led guided tours within numerous Toronto neighbourhoods allow you to explore landmark restaurants and get an insight into the culinary scene, learn about the history and growth of the area, sample food and drink and maybe even see things you may not have otherwise. The tours are great for local residents to learn more about their neighbourhood, or for tourists looking to adventure in desired locations at a reasonable price.

These culinary experiences take you to hot neighbourhoods across the city. Some highlights are a King and Queen West Brunch Tour, St. Lawrence Market & Old Town Food Tour, Chef-led Ossington Food Tour, Chef-led Danforth Food Tour, Chocolate Tour of the Fashion District, Taste of the Entertainment District and many more that you can check out below. They hit on all of the must see areas and places across the city and can really offer some great insight into your hometown.

Many may feel as though these places can be explored on their own and don’t require a guided tour. We agree, you most certainly can. Nonetheless, past and present chefs lead these tours, offering a perspective that you may have never heard. Part of the experience is meeting new people and sampling food and drink at many trendy and cool places that you wouldn’t have considered walking in to. Good times can be had on a set monetary value that is most likely much lower than what you would have dished out on your own.

To make things easier for you we have put together the Top 10 Food Tours in Toronto brought to you by Take a look below and we hope that you are able to experience new and exciting things right here in our beautiful city.


10. Little India Food Tour
Highlight: This tour takes you on a stroll through one of the oldest South Asian markets
The Little India Food Tour can be found on



9. Chef-led Danforth Food Tour
Highlight: Led by a chef with insider knowledge on local Danforth food scene
Chef-led Danforth Food Tour can be found on


8. Little Italy Food Tour
 Highlight: Chance to meet local chefs, producers & restaurateurs
Little Italy Food Tour can be found on


7. Riverside & Leslieville Food Tour
Highlight: Samples of Ontario wine & incredible ice cream
Riverside & Leslieville Food Tour can be found on


6. Small-group Beer Makes History Better Tour by Urban Adventures
Highlight: Stops at 3 historic pubs serving different regional brews
Small Group Beer Tour can be found on


5. St. Lawrence Market & Old Town Food Tour
Highlight: Excursion through renowned market & Old Town quarter
St. Lawrence Market & Old Town Food Tour can be found on


4. Taste of the Entertainment District
Highlight: Sweet treats at the trendy Momofuku Milk Bar
Entertainment District tour can be found on


3. Chocolate Tour of the Fashion District
Highlight: Devouring an inced brownie created by Dufflet Rosenberg
Chocolate tour of the fashion district can be found on


2. King and Queen West Brunch Food Tour
Highlight: Enjoy Lobster Eggs Benedict, French Toast, Mimosa + More
King & Queen West Brunch Food Tour can be found on


1. Chef-led Ossington Food Tour
Highlight: Chef-led exploration of the hip & trendy Ossington district
Chef-led Ossington Food Tour can be found on