TasteToronto Burger Club Reviews: La Société

TasteToronto’s very own burger club is on the move again and speaking on behalf of the club this week is Burger Aficionado, Neal Matyas. Take a look at Neal and the crew’s experience at Executive Chef Romain Avril’s, La Société. Warning: Do not read on an empty stomach…

My childhood friends and I (all born and raised in the GTA) for the most part have similar tastes and interests. This sentiment stays true even as we get older and move into our thirties, evolving into a different stage of our lives. However, one constant has and likely will always stay the same for us: we love our hamburgers. Thus, our decision to start a “Burger Club” was both inevitable and axiomatic.

As the dozen or so of us strolled into La Societe, not exactly knowing what to expect despite our long running duration of this club and our vast experiences of burgers, we received curious glances from onlookers and bystanders alike. It’s almost as if everyone knew about our mission statement – to sample the best burgers of Toronto, one dinner at a time. We sat down and were promptly greeted by a knowledgeable service staff, which were well equipped to handle a group of relatively high-maintenance and picky gourmet burger eaters.

Half of us ordered the L.S. Burger and the other half the C’S Burger, simply because both looked so enticing and we had difficulty deciding on one variable as a group. After sampling both burgers I can confidently say that I still cannot choose which one I enjoyed more. The burgers came out perfectly- 50% brisket, 50% dry aged beef. Exclusive Canadian meat from Ontario, with absolutely no preservatives and served on a flame grilled brioche bun. Needless to say, they tasted sublime and everyone left satiated and with a smile on their face. Not a trace or morsel of food was left on anyone’s plate – usually a good sign.


L.S. Burger

8 oz. | Tomatoes | Pickle Aïoli | Frites

C’S Burger

Tomatillo | Fig Chutney | Maple Bacon | Arugula | Smoked Tomato Aïoili

Afterwards the Chef came out to speak to us to speak about his craft and his passion. We listened intently and thanked him profusely for providing us with such a great dinner and experience. Our official Burger Club “rankings” have yet to be released but when they are, be assured that La Societe will be high in the top classes.

We caught wind that a new menu is coming in October, something that we are eager to try and experience for ourselves. Everyone one of us is looking forward to another visit at La Societe, where our first trip will be very difficult to top.

La Société

(416) 551-9929

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