Francobollo Posto Italiano is a classy, fancy, but unpretentious fine dining restaurant in North York. The small space is beautifully decorated and feels roomy with its white on grey wallpapers, mirrored ceilings, and crystal accents. It is a restaurant dressed to impress, with a price tag to match.



There are two levels to Francobollo, and the second floor is sectioned off perfectly for a cozy birthday party with a large, extended family, or an intimate corporate event. The first floor is ideal for romantic and special occasions where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy your companion’s company.


Shortly after being seated, a waitress brings over a charming white tin that matches the decor. Inside is a stack of moist olive bread that I almost devour in its entirety before the first course arrives.

We start the meal on a surprisingly sweet note with seared day boat scallops and bacon espresso jam. That jam demands attention, and should be sold in a separate jar as an afternoon tea staple. The ravioli dish is delightfully plated, served stuffed with butternut squash in a half moon shape, and beet greens, ricotta and pecorino in a full moon shape.



The braised duck risotto is a treat. Instead of a piece of duck sitting on top a bed of rice, large pieces of duck meat are actually folded in the risotto, providing a fantastic meat/rice ratio with every bite. The risotto itself is fragrant with the essence of truffle and decorated with duck crackling tucked under tender broccolini florets and shaved reggiano cheese. The broccolini is cohesively reused – pureed as a sauce that keeps the risotto creamy but light.


The meal ends with a substantial slice of nutella cheesecake topped with a praline brittle and a dollop of banana mousse. The mouse is sweet with a hint of banana rather than being cloying, and is the perfect way to cap the night.



Make sure to visit Francobollo!