The Best Pho in Toronto

Winter is coming. That means we’re all in need of some delicious pho soup to warm us up and cure that pesky cold. Nothing says comfort quite like this Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of seasoned broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, plenty of herbs, and either thinly sliced beef or chicken. What sets the best bowl of pho apart from the rest is all about the quality of broth. While there’s no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants to grab some pho, here are the best places for you to cozy up with this Vietnamese dish in Toronto.

10. Pho King Fabulous!
9. Pho House
8. Hanoi 3 Seasons
7. Pho Vietnam
6. Pho Hung
5. Pho Linh
4. Pho Huong
3. Golden Turtle
2. Pho Pasteur
1. Pho Tien Thanh