This is Wahlburger

Wahlburgers is not just a fast food outlet – it doubles as a sports bar, and despite its celebrity pedigree, the chain founded by the Wahlberg brothers (chef Paul, actor Mark and former New KidDonnie) it has a family-restaurant kind of backstory.

Located at the base of the SoHo Hotel Metropolitan, it’s positioned to attract game day revellers heading to or from the Rogers Centre, but will also double as a room service amenity for guests at the hotel, and a destination for fans of both burgers and the A&E reality series alike.


Those that have followed along with the televised program will recognize the likeness to the original Hingham location. Like any fast food outfit, the interior is finished with high-traffic utility in mind. It’s sparsely adorned but punctuated by branded bright green accents and furnished with a mix of booths and high-top seating.


Up front in the bar, TVs screen exclusively Toronto or Boston games, or movie trailers and episodes starring various Wahlbergs. Eighty seats downstairs are serviced by waiters, and guests can enjoy bevies like adult frappes, a.k.a boozy milkshakes ($15), or the house Wahlbrewsky, an IPA commissioned from Mill St. Brewery.