28 Toronto Restaurants that made Canada’s Top 100 Restaurants List

We were never in doubt that Toronto held some of the best restaurants in the country, and now it is confirmed by food experts, as 28 Toronto restaurants have made Canada’s Top 100 Restaurant List. Jacob Richler, a long-time food writer, has demonstrated his commitment to rich and esoteric food over the years. Recently, Richler called on dozens of food experts across Canada to be the critics that would vote on this list together. It has been published and the list is in. The 28 of the top 100 coming out of Toronto is more than any other city in Canada. We have definitely had to earn our place atop this list, and we are very proud, as a city.

Take a look at the 28 Toronto Restaurants that made Canada’s Top 100 Restaurant List!


100. Dandylion


Restaurant Website: http://restaurantdandylion.com


90. Chantecler
Restaurant Website: http://www.restaurantchantecler.ca


87. Origin
Restaurant Website: http://origintoronto.com


85. Cava
Restaurant Website: http://www.cavarestaurant.ca


84. Luckee
Restaurant Website: http://luckeerestaurant.com


78. The Carbon Bar
Restaurant Website: http://thecarbonbar.ca


77. Cafe Boulud
Restaurant Website: http://www.cafeboulud.com/toronto/



76. Zucca
Restaurant Website: http://www.zuccatrattoria.com


68. DaiLo
Restaurant Website: http://dailoto.com



67. Campagnolo
Restaurant Website: http://campagnolotoronto.com


60. Joso’s
Restaurant Website: http://www.josos.com


59. Harbord Room
Restaurant Website: http://www.theharbordroom.com



52. Daisho
Restaurant Website: http://momofukutoronto.com/daisho


50. The Chase
Restaurant Website: http://www.thechasetoronto.com/index.php



45. Actinolite
Restaurant Website: http://actinoliterestaurant.com



44. Shoto
Restaurant Website: http://momofuku.com/toronto/shoto/



43. Buca Yorkville
Restaurant Website: http://www.buca.ca/yorkville/



42. Richmond Station
Restaurant Website: http://richmondstation.ca



39. Kaiseki Yu-zen Hashimoto
Restaurant Website: http://www.kaiseki.ca



36. Bar Buca
Restaurant Website: http://www.buca.ca/bar/



25. Sushi Kaji
Restaurant Website: http://www.sushikaji.com/top.html



14. Scaramouche
Restaurant Website: http://www.scaramoucherestaurant.com



9. Nota Bene
Restaurant Website: http://notabenerestaurant.com



8. Bar Isabel

Photo Cred: @thechewreview

Restaurant Website: http://barisabel.com




7. Edulis
Restaurant Website: http://edulisrestaurant.com



6. Canoe
Restaurant Website: http://oliverbonacini.com/canoe.aspx



5. Splendido
Restaurant Website: http://splendido.ca



3. Buca
Restaurant Website: http://www.buca.ca/king/


For more information please visit: http://www.canadas100best.com