The Top 10 Tacos in Toronto

Sometimes the best things in life are consumed in a fresh corn taco shell. Whether it be grilled octopus, braised beef cheek, fried cod or any other delicious filling, there’s no denying that when you are one-on-one with one of these delicious Mexican treats, it’s a true love affair. It would be hard to miss this trend taking over the city in the past five years, with new Mexican spots opening and closing every month, but when it comes down to it, we think these ten will remain on top of the podium for years to come. So, grab your sombrero, twirl those moustache ends, and cue the mariachi band – here are the top 10 Taco joints that our city has to offer!

10. Tacos el Asador

Photo Cred: @pekopekofoodie

Assorted Tacos
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9. Pacific Junction Hotel
Tender pieces of beef marinated in chimichurri sauce topped w/ lettuce, salsa, lime crema, & hot sauce
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8. Buster’s Sea Cove
Octopus Tacos
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 7. Barrio Coreano
 Grilled Moroccan Octopus, Chipotle Salsa
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6. El Trompo
Al Pastor – Pork tacos
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5. Market Street Catch
Fried Halibut Taco | Grilled Octopus Taco | Seared Tuna Taco
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4. La Carnita
Crispy fried Calamari, mango hot sauce, pickled cabbage, red chillies, creama, cilantro
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3. Playa Cabana
AAA Ontario Beef shortrib braised in ancho chiles,  fresh corn tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole and homemade crema (Taster: @fudforthought)
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2. Seven Lives
Baja Fish Tacos: Battered & Deep Fried Mahi Mahi | House Sauce | Gobernador Taco: Smoked Tuna | Shrimp | Cheese | Tortilla Soup
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1. Grand Electric
Baja Fish Tacos | Spicy Chicken Tacos | Beef Cheek Tacos
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