Inside Toronto’s one and only Ping-Pong Social Club: SPiN

Spin has undoubtedly become a staple hangout in the heart of Downtown Toronto. This 12,000 square foot underground ping pong social club has a lot to offer to the people of Toronto; quite possibly a lot more than one would first think. Spin has recently revamped their food menu and we had the pleasure of indulging in it over some cocktails and some casual ping pong. Our first order of business was ordering some cocktails; we decided to order two ‘Punch Bowls’, which are a delightful blend of delicious flavours all mixed in a large bowl, served with a ladle. We got the ‘American as Apple’ and ‘Spice and Everything Nice’ punch bowls to begin our evening.

Spin has taken a simple, elegant and very creative approach to their menu, with a commitment to using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients whenever they can. Our night began with a beautifully presented Meats N’ Mustard board alongside Breads N’ Spreads. Everything on these boards were fresh as can be. The bread melted in your mouth like a delicious dessert, while also served with a crunchier kind for that added bite when creating an open faced sandwich with meats, pickled mushrooms, relish and an extra kick of grainy mustard.

We were quite taken aback when our next dish was brought out – Roasted Cauliflower. We had never seen anything quite like it. One large piece of roasted Cauliflower topped with a delicious sauce made of chili romesco, buttery panko and herb oil. The sauce was delicious, slightly creamy with the perfect spice to compliment the cauliflower.

Next up before the main course were Fried Chicken Sliders along with Crab Cake Sliders. You can’t go wrong with some classic sliders. The first bite was quite something, as they are served on a delicious milk bun. The crab cake slider contained fresh pacific cod and was topped with pickled red onions, remoulade and frisee. The fried chicken sliders contained house pickles, lettuce and mayo. These kept with traditional fixings which is how we like our sliders.

After the right amount of appetizers for 6 people, it was time for the main course. This included a Chicken Dinner Platter and Short Ribs Smorgasbord Platter. We were ready to dive in to this very generous offering. Depending on how hungry you are, each platter could serve 2, 4 or 8. The chicken platter came with crispy thighs alongside warm potato salad, and pork belly alongside brussel sprouts and pickled mushrooms with ricotta and a smoky dressing to top it all off. Delicious.

The short ribs were dressed in a Vietnamese marinade alongside charred rapini amongst other ingredients. It tasted just as good as it looks. To think that all of this had come out of Spin’s in house kitchen was extremely impressive for a place known for ping pong, drinks and good tunes.

The night was capped off with their House Funnel Cake. Raspberry preserve, icing sugar and fresh cream all sitting on top of a hot and fresh funnel cake. The sweet and savoury taste was the perfect closing dish for the evening. Who doesn’t love a delicious funnel cake?

In summary, we were all thoroughly satisfied and extremely impressed with each and every item we tasted from Spin’s revamped menu. The food is great to go along with drinks and social gatherings while still filling yourself with excellent quality food. Make sure to check out the full food menu when you are there and try out some of their newest items. You will not regret it!

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