Restaurant Opening: The Dirtybird Chicken + Waffles

Kensington Market is about to land a new bird, The Dirtybird Chicken + Waffles that is. This new snack shop is set to open this coming Wednesday March 4th, with a focus on original northern fried chicken and waffles. Located at 79 Kensington Avenue, the establishment can seat up to 16 people, with one communal table in the center, as well as bar stools around the exterior of the space.



Behind the counter of The Dirtybird is chef Adrian Forte, who has a track record of success within the kitchens of Rock Lobster and The Libertine. The “Northern Fried Chicken” tagline pays homage to the maple ingredients used in all of their signature chicken and waffles. Sprinkled into each item is their secret “Maple Dust”, adding to that true northern fried taste. The chicken is gluten free and the waffles have the option of being gluten free as well.



Adrian’s signature dish is The Dirty Club; waffle, boneless thigh and leg, beef bacon, tomato, lettuce, and maple aioli. Their dessert menu consists of various waffle and ice cream sandwiches. A stand out was The PB&G; waffle ice cream sandwich sweet cream with grape jelly and peanut butter.



This is definitely a terrific addition to Kensington. The staff are super friendly and the food is very fresh and delicious. Make sure to experience it for yourself. Feel free to visit their website: