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Restaurant Opening: Bareburger

Okay burger lovers, check out this new joint from NYC, and bring that picky eater friend of yours. Bareburger’s menu has something for everybody – whether you’re adventurous and want to try elk or boar patties; or you’re low-carb, keto or paleo, and you need your meat wrapped in collard greens, or you just want a good burger – they’ve got you. 

Does Toronto really need another burger place? The answer is yes. Located near Bay and Dundas Street West, Bareburger is a full service restaurant with proper tables spaced comfortably apart, serving salads, shakes, sandwiches, and of course, burgers. 

Each burger tastes distinctly different – from the type of bun matched to the type of patty, to the choice of toppings paired with the choice of sauce, it’s obvious that the team creating the menu put a lot of thought in the ingredients that goes into each dish, and put special care in balancing the flavours and textures so that each ingredient is brought to life in each bite. The fact that everything is organic, sustainable and locally sourced is a wicked bonus.

Like its burgers, Bareburger’s salads taste distinct. They come dressed, and not drenched in a way that overwhelms the delicate flavours of ingredients like cauliflower hummus and watermelon radish. 

Surprisingly, Bareburger makes a mean poutine. An homage to its first Canadian location, and only available in this restaurant, the poutine is fresh cut fries and home made stock gravy with squeaky Montreal cheese curds. Don’t skimp out and add the brisket. 

Bareburger also supports local businesses, and has partnered with local microbreweries to serve craft beer, Greg’s Ice Cream to make their milkshakes, and a one-man baker who makes all the cookies of their ice cream sandwiches by hand. 

The crew behind Bareburgers is a fun and passionate group, and it translates into a delicious and unpretentious experience. 

Check out the some of the food we tried below!


Blue Elk

Tomato-fig jam | amish bleu cheese | stout griddled onions

Beef Standard

Special sauce | stout griddled onions | pickles | colby cheese

El Matador

Bacon | cheese curds | guacamole | pico de gallo | pickled jalapeños | green leaf

Farmstead Collard Slider

Sweet potato and wild rice patty | cauliflower hummus | tomatoes | baby kale


Cali Fresh Salad

baby kale | cauliflower hummus | red quinoa | grape tomatoes | watermelon radish | red onion | alfafa sprouts | lemon tahini dressing

Guapo Chop

little gem lettuce | cheese curds | pickled jalapeños | red onions | pico de gallo | guacamole | blue corn tortilla | avocado basil dressing | buttermilk fried chicken

Onion rings



Vanilla and chocolate ice cream | chocolate sauce | espresso beans


(647) 345-2273

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