Pho King Fabulous!

Pho King Fabulous has, apart from an unforgettable name, surprisingly authentic Vietnamese food. Led by first-time restauranteur Kevin Hoang, the restaurant is the first legit Vietnamese place to land in the Yonge/Eglinton area. Despite the name, PKF is classier and more comfortable than the typical Vietnamese joints around the downtown core. Spacious and tastefully decorated with traditional musical instruments, you can confidently bring a date without having to worry about bumping elbows with your neighbours or overhearing their conversation.



The menu is simple and to the point.  Apart from the appetizers, a couple of desserts, and a respectable list of booze and Vietnamese drinks, you get a curated selection of dishes based on your preference for pho (noodle soup), bun (rice vermicelli), or com (rice).


The pho broth makes or breaks a bowl of pho. Often times, you see pho broth that is murky and greasy – it sits heavy on the stomach and is strong in a way that ironically makes you thirstier the more you drink it. That is because the broth is most likely made by boiling raw meat for a few hours before salt and MSG is added for flavour.
PKF’s broth is a standout because it is clean and fragrant. It is made the traditional way where beef bones are simmered for almost eight hours before spices are added with a dash of salt and MSG. The result of this time consuming process is a light broth that you can easily finish a bowl of.


Apart from the ubiquitous beef pho, PKF has a unique, belly warming minced eye round beef and ginger pho that is perfect for the cold weather, as well as chicken and seafood options. Vegetarians, fear not, there is indeed veggie broth!


The rice vermicelli, which you eat by pouring fish sauce over the plate of noodles, lettuce, picked vegetables, bean sprouts and protein before mixing, and the com (rice), which is served in the shape of a pyramid, are equally satisfying and generously portioned. 



From the appetizer list, the spring rolls are made with Chinese spring roll wrappers instead of the traditional Vietnamese rice paper, but equally crispy and tasty. The fresh rolls taste best when dipped in the strong peanut sauce made fresh in house by roasting and grinding peanuts with sweet hoisin sauce. The fried chicken wings were made to pair with the Singaporean Tiger Beer.


Coffee lovers should order the iced coffee with condensed milk. Despite the ice and condensed milk, the coffee (imported from Vietnam) is delightfully bitter and strong. Pop lovers should give the fresh lime soda a whirl.


Pho King Fabulous is doing right by Vietnamese food, and worth the subway ride north for folks downtown. For those who live outside the core bubble, there is finally good Vietnamese food north of Bloor and south of Markham/Richmond Hill. It is, dare I say it, pho-king fabulous. 


Make sure to visit Pho King Fabulous!