Taster Top 10’s: @MunchingMoez’s Top Toronto Dishes

MunchingMoez is known in the financial circles as the hedge fund manager who’s fund was named a top 10 global performer by Bloomberg Magazine for 2014.  Though if you ask him, running a fund is simply a means to an end….to dine at all of Toronto’s (and the world’s) greatest restaurants.  Moez is one of TasteToronto’s biggest fans, using the site daily to look out for cities greatest culinary offerings. 

His passion for food knows no bounds, often traveling great distances for a single meal and documenting it all in a food-focused Instagram account with a following in the thousands; his dinner parties are the stuff of legends, often garnering press coverage.  Moez is the brand ambassador for Canada’s hottest culinary tech company Food.ee which is revolutionizing how the corporate world devours their lunchtime meals. “Dîner en Blanc” Toronto—a chapter of the Paris-based dinner party sensation—took notice, naming Moez their CFO-Chief Food Officer and recently Moez was named an Ontario judge for “Canada’s 100 Best” Restaurants. 

Here is a TasteToronto exclusive on Moez’s Top 10 Dishes in Toronto!

10. Carbon Bar

Pit Masters Platter

“Texas style brisket, dreamy fried chicken and killer ribs!”

Restaurant Website: http://thecarbonbar.ca/


9. Montecito

JW Chicken

“Jonathan Waxman’s (JW) world famous roasted chicken with Salsa Verde. This is no ordinary chicken!”

Restaurant Website: http://www.montecitorestaurant.ca/


8. Dailo

Truffle Rice

“Black truffle, egg, heirloom carrots, edamame and XO sauce, A unique and inspiring fried rice experience – taste explosion!”

Restaurant Website: http://dailoto.com/


7. Fishman Lobster Club House

Lobster Tower – Lobster Claws & Legs in Hong Kong Style, deep-fried with chili, garlic and served on a bed of fried smelts.

“Make sure to go in a big group to experience this dream! This place will authentically pass all expectations.”

Restaurant Website: http://www.flctoronto.com/
6. Buca

Bigoli Pasta –  Torchio-cranked duck egg pasta, duck offal ragu, venetian spices, mascarpone, basil

“Buca’s twist to a wicked Bolognese, a real gift to your taste buds!”

Restaurant Website: http://www.buca.ca/
5. Khao San Road

Khao Soi – Egg noodles, thai golden curry, coconut milk, crispy noodles, scallions, coriander, lime + chicken

Photo Cred: @thechewreview

“This is the DISH that unites the world!”

Restaurant Website: http://www.khaosanroad.ca/


4. Patois

Jerk Chicken –  Jerk chicken with Jamaican Scotch bonnet peppers cooked on a Portuguese-style rotisserie.

“Patoi’s Jamaican-Chinese-Canadian kitchen has transformed jerk chicken. One of the cities greatest!”

Restaurant Website: http://www.patoistoronto.com



3. Lahore tikka house


“Mouth-watering charbroiled lamb kebabs at the best Indo/Pak restaurant in the city.”

Restaurant Website: http://www.lahoretikkahouse.com/



2. Giancarlo Trattoria

Veal Chop/Lombata – Aged, bone-in veal chop marinated with Sangiovese & rosemary

“Was the Official winner of the 2014 MunchingMoez Veal Chop Off”

Restaurant Website: https://www.giancarlotrattoria.com/


1. Carisma

Spaghettini Ai Gamberi – Spaghettini with Black Tiger Shrimp, Pink Peppercorn in a Brandy Tomato Cream

“Owned and operated by true Italians, this pasta dish is the dream of Toronto.”

Restaurant Website: http://www.carismarestaurant.com/

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