15 Spots for Free Macarons on Macaron Day

Ah, macarons. Something as simple as an almond cookie sandwich has inspired bakeries across Toronto to create simply endless varieties of these little French confectionaries. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself which bakery in Toronto has the best macaron, there’s no reason you can’t make a 15-stop pilgrimage this Friday March 20th for Macaron Day. Each of the below spots offer one free macaron when mentioning you are celebrating Macaron Day. 25% of all additional macarons purchased will be donated by each participating location to Red Door Family Shelter.

We hit almost every spot last year, but you know what, more research is needed… for science.


La Bamboche
Restaurant Website: http://www.labamboche.ca


Patricia’s Cake Creation
Restaurant Website: http://www.patriciacakes.com


Patisserie 27
Restaurant Website: http://www.patisserie27.com/index.html


MoRoCo Chocolat
Restaurant Website: http://www.morocochocolat.com


Aren’t We Sweet
Restaurant Website: http://www.arentwesweet.com


Daniel et Daniel
Restaurant Website: http://www.danieletdaniel.ca


Bobbette & Belle
Restaurant Website: http://www.bobbetteandbelle.com



Frangipane Patisserie
Restaurant Website: http://frangipane.ca


AG Macarons
Restaurant Website: http://www.agmacarons.com



Restaurant Website: http://www.cakestar.ca


Rahier Patisserie
Restaurant Website: http://www.rahierpatisserie.com


Le Dolci
Restaurant Website: http://www.ledolci.com



The Rolling Pin
Restaurant Website: http://www.therollingpin.ca


Petite Thuet
Restaurant Website: http://www.petitethuet.com



Ruelo Patisserie
Restaurant Website: http://www.ruelo.com


For more information please visit: http://www.macarondayto.com/