Front Street Foods

Want a variety of great food but tired of waiting in line at food festivals? Want to catch the last rays of sun before it’s too chilly to kick back at a patio? If you haven’t visited the Front Street Foods at Union Station, hustle over before it wraps up at the end of the week (Sunday, September 27th)! With over 5,000 square feet of open space at the newly renovated Union Station, and a curated selection of 25 food vendors, Front Street Foods is the perfect combination of food festival and patio with none of the “festival” line up and cramped space.


This incredible Euro-style market which is equipped with a licensed bar (serving beer and wine Wednesday-Sunday) is home to a community of some of Toronto’s best chefs, restaurants, bartenders, bakers and food entrepreneurs, and they showcase their craft with often specially created features not available on their regular menu. It’s obvious everybody at the Front Street Foods share a love for good food, and have developed a rapport with each other.


Jedd’s Frozen Custard was set up next to Station Cold Brew, and thanks to serendipity, we have an affogato that is not-to-be missed – the frozen custard, often seen in the American Midwest, is only available in Toronto at Jedd’s, and pairs naturally with the nitro cold brew coffee from Station which is pulled from a keg (like beer) and infused with nitrogen to get a foamy head.



When you visit this week, plan to spend a bit of time to wander around with a drink in hand (perhaps the kombucha sangria from Pekoe), chat with the vendors, and keep an eye out for the unique items that pop up every day.  For example, Little Fin created the ultimate mash up one day by combining their shrimp with tacos from the Mad Mexican and the house made tzatziki sauce from Come and Get It.


Check out the rest of our hit list below, and don’t forget to pick up a bag of Jamie’s Cracked Corn for the road!


Hot Bunzz
You’ve probably seen HotBunzz crop up on your UberEats. These gourmet creations inspired by the baos and pan buns of Asian bakeries are stuffed with international flavours and textures. They don’t have a storefront yet, so you can only catch their Sexy Surf & Turf and Kalbi Bison buns here (I know what you’re thinking – no, you can’t stalk UberEats for these!). The buns are surprisingly convenient, and holds up to a strong, single-handed grab and go grip.

ChocoSol keeps chocolate simple, fair, and inspired. You may not have tried cacao as a spice and savoury food, so you’ll want to try the tomale with mole sauce. The organic cacao bean is sourced directly from Indigenous communities and forest in Mexico, and the corn in the tamale is grown in Southern Ontario. Instead of using lard as traditional in Mexico, ChocoSol’s tamale uses extra virgin olive oil, and the result is a fluffy texture almost like polenta.

Holy Chuck
Only three people in the world knows the secret to the combination of cuts that go into a Holy Chuck burger patty, and it’s easy to see why it’s so closely guarded. The Holy Chuck signature double cheeseburger with bacon and caramelized onions can only be described as a melt-in-your-mouth steak-as-a-hamburger.

CC on Front
This new whisky lounge (located inside the historic Beardmore building) tries to infuse whisky into their food, and who can say no to that? Their Union wings is a Canadiana twist to the familiar honey garlic wings with maple whisky, blue cheese and bacon. Their brussel sprouts is voted as one of the best in Toronto, and is lightly fried and infused with a (what else?) whisky syrup and topped with parmigiao.

La Fiesta
This catering company serves up homey, authentic Ecuadorian food. Their pulled pork, unlike the saucier version you’re probably used to, is dry – the pork spends 8 hours in the oven with a special blend of 12 spices and garam masala. Check out the Deluxe version, served with Llapingacho’s, which is an Ecuadorian dish of mashed potatoes seasoned with saffron and grilled into patties.

Loaded Pierogi
Loaded Pierogi is your next-level pierogi, and, well, loaded with your choice of toppings. Deep-fried or steamed (go deep fried or go home), it is not your grandmother’s dumplings, but equally hearty and comforting.

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