Dining with Amex Canada at Bar Raval

Canadians, the time is now. This fall, Amex opened its doors giving everyone the opportunity to experience the perks of being a Cardmember. By visiting www.amexinvites.ca and providing your email address, promotional codes were sent out giving you a chance to secure tickets to some of the coolest events in film, entertainment and of course, dining. We were lucky enough to get the invite to a recent Amex dining event at the amazing Spanish pintxo bar – Bar Raval, which was just named one of Canada’s Best New Restaurants as determined by AirCanada enRoute Magazine.



Grant van Gameron, of Bar Isabel and arguably the hottest chef in the game right now, is the mastermind behind this new hot spot in Toronto. The atmosphere and design inside of the establishment gives you a Barcelona type feel (hence the name Raval – a neighbourhood in Barcelona) with beautiful Gandi-esque wood panels shaping the interior walls. The vibe is quite lively and intimate accompanied by timeless music. It provokes the potential to meet new friends and create some awesome moments.



The tapas serving style is spectacular and very unique. A beautiful spread is put out on the bar to create a visual and olfactory sensation for guests to enjoy. If you’d like a dish that you see, you just ask your Ravalian (server). The menu is deep and contains delicious items. From canned specialties, to cheeses and meats, down to tapas plates like hot octopus, shishito peppers, warm pumpkin & hazelnut salad and much more.



The drink options are priceless as well, from fortified drinks, to wicked cocktails and great beers and wine. We went with The Walk Off cocktail. If you’re a bourbon drinker this is the one for you. Prepare yourself for a night full of memories that you’ll never forget and friendships that could be forged after a night at Bar Raval.


We encourage you to visit www.amexinvites.ca where you can learn more about these super cool benefits of being an Amex Cardmembers. Thanks to American Express for an awesome night and stellar event. We look forward to many more events like this so stay tuned!