Cacao 70 – Distillery District

There’s nothing better than building up an appetite with a stroll through the Distillery District, so you may think. But there is. What’s better than the stroll is feeding your growling stomach with the most delicious sweets at none other than Cacao 70 on 28 Gristmill Lane. Prepare your pallet people; these desserts are nowhere close to ordinary.



Before even looking at the menu, my eyes were distracted by the hip décor. Picture Italian coffee shop meets 80’s bar meets the most hip atmosphere. My eyes immediately became bigger than my stomach. Then came the menu and all I can say is hot chocolate for days.



It was a full meal with only sweets if you can imagine that. For starters were the drinks, but not just your typical glass of water. It was more so a massive glass coated with chocolate at the bottom served with a side of hot chocolate to be poured. The 53.8% Belgian hot chocolate is the perfect option for introductory drinking chocolate. A little more exciting is the 75% Tanzania, which contains dry fruits and has more of a zest of spice to it. Not to worry, there are over 10 different drinking chocolates to choose from.


Next in the meal lineup was the make shift appetizer of the Sweet for 2 or what I like to think of as a tabletop fondue station. It is served with a selection of fruits and marshmallows to be roasted atop a fire lit burner. Need an extra crunch? Dipping the chocolate-coated fruits and marshmallows into mini chocolate balls adds the perfect amount.



The grand finale came with the Choc-nut Waffle and Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza. The Choco-nut Waffle is one of Cacao 70’s most popular desserts made of a classic waffle topped with whipped cream, candied hazelnuts, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with melted milk chocolate. It is served with fresh strawberries, toffee bananas and melted chocolate on the side. If you’re not drooling yet, just take another read of the last two sentences.



The Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza was the cherry on top of the entire meal of sweets. Atop the warm pizza crust is melted milk chocolate chunks and roasted marshmallows with strawberries, bananas, and melted chocolate served on the side. I promise you will never want to eat a margherita pizza again after trying Cacao 70’s Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza.


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