10 Best Smoked Meat Sandwiches in Toronto

OK apologies to all those vegetarians out there, but you can’t say these don’t look delicious. We know Montreal is “the place” for smoked meat sandwiches, BUT there are amazing places where you can find the real deal in Toronto. Perfect, thinly sliced cured meat that creates a stacked sandwich with your choice of condiments. We know you’re tempted to go get one right now.

10. Sid’s Deli


Website: http://www.sidsdeli.ca/



9. Yitz’s Delicatessen Restaurant & Catering
Website: http://www.yitzs.ca/


8. Peter’s On Eglinton
Website: http://www.petersoneglinton.com/


7. Wolfie’s Delicatessen Specialties
Website: http://mywolfies.com/


6. Katz’s Deli
Website: http://katzsdeli.com/



5. Caplansky’s Deli
Website: http://www.caplanskys.com/


4. Pancer’s Original Deli
Website: : http://www.pancersoriginaldeli.com/


3. Avenue Open Kitchen
Website: : https://foursquare.com/v/avenue-open-kitchen/4ad8aabef964a5207c1321e3


2. The Corned Beef House
Website: http://cornedbeefhouse.com/


1. Centre Street Deli
Website: http://www.centrestreetdeli.com/home