The Best Nutella Treats in Toronto

Nutella, the Italian sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread, has become a popular addition to any dish. Options range from crepes, donuts, cookies, lattes and even sandwiches. The list of possibilities is absolutely endless. That is why a whole café dedicated to Nutella has been thriving since opening up in Toronto a few months ago. Here’s our list of our top Nutella treats around the city.

10. Holy Chuck Burgers
 Nutella Pops


9. Starving Artist St. Clair
 Nutella Waffle


8. Wish Restaurant
Nutella Stuffed French Toast


7. Hogtown Charcuterie
Nutella Pretzel


6. Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery
Nutella Profiterole Ice Cream Sandwich


5. Cookie Scoop
 Nutella Filled Cookies
4. Sleepy Baker
Nutella Cupcakes


3. Nutella Café
Nutella Filled Pastry


2. SudForno
Nutella Filled Sugar Donuts


1. Porcello Cantina
 Nutella Bombolones