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Top 10 Lattes

The Best Lattes in Toronto

Are you a coffee or a tea person? When it comes to lattes, either one works! Traditionally a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk, lattes have branched out to incorporate teas, with delicious drinks like London Fogs, Matcha Lattes, or Chai Lattes. And as the demand for lattes increase, so does the skills of making Latte Art. Find below are the best places to get a latte that will satisfy any coffee or tea person!

10. Bull Dog Coffee
Restaurant Website: http://www.thebulldog.com


9. The TAMPERed Press


8. Dark Horse Espresso
Restaurant Website: http://darkhorseespresso.com


7. Little Nicky’s Coffee
6. Green Beanery
Restaurant Website: http://www.greenbeanery.ca
5. Mercury Espresso Bar
Restaurant Website: http://www.mercuryespresso.com


4. Jet Fuel Coffee Shop
Restaurant Website: http://www.jetfuelcoffee.com



3. Rooster Coffee
Restaurant Website: http://roostercoffeehouse.com



2. Sam James Coffee Bar
Restaurant Website: https://samjamescoffeebar.com


1. White Squirrel Coffee Shop
Restaurant Website: http://www.whitesquirrelcoffee.com/