10 Best Places for Gelato in Toronto

We’ve spent all our time covering ice cream and haven’t given gelato the attention it deserves, so this list is dedicated completely to its delicious counter-part.  The Italian twist on frozen dessert is made with a base of milk and sugar, tasting of fruit and other flavours. It’s finally spring, which means it’s socially acceptable to indulge in these cold desserts. These Toronto spots have the freshest and finest gelato.

10. Ed’s Real Scoop

Ed’s Real Scoop
Website: http://www.edsrealscoop.com/


9. Ice ‘n Cake

Ice ‘n Cake



8. Hollywood Gelato


Hollywood Gelato

Restaurant Website:http://www.hollywoodgelato.com/


7. Il Gelatiere

Il Gelatiere

Website: http://www.ilgelatiere.ca/


6. Millie Creperie

Millie Creperie

Website: http://milliecreperie.com/


5. Lick It Gelato

Lick It Gelato

Website: http://www.lickitgelato.com/


4. Kekou Gelato

Kekou Gelato

Website: http://kekou.ca/index.html


3. G for Gelato and Pizza Bar

G for Gelato and Pizza Bar

Website: http://gforgelato.com/


2. Dolce Gelato

Dolce Gelato

Website: http://dolcegelato.net/


1. Artegelato & Caffe

Artegelato & Caffe

Website: http://arte-gelato.ca/