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Welcome to the TasteToronto Community. TasteToronto was founded and launched to connect foodies all over Toronto and to promote and recommend the best Toronto based restaurants and dishes out there. We see things differently here. When TasteToronto first began, we realized that a majority of the best restaurants around were hidden and rarely promoted.  We trust and listen to YOU, the people of Toronto, to provide us with the most reliable insight and direction when it comes to food. Firsthand experience is king. We got the ball rolling and now we are working together as a community to show not only the people of Toronto, but the entire world, how the Toronto food scene is very much alive and one of the loudest and tastiest out there.

Curated by the people of Toronto, for the people of Toronto.












Who We Are

Our (Hungry) Team


Brad Wishen

It was a cold winter evening when Brad was browsing around Instagram and had a simple idea to start an Instagram account featuring food photos from the best restaurants in Toronto. Initially, it was established as a means for his friends to have a centralized hub to share their food porn and discover the best spots to eat in Toronto. Very quickly it became apparent that food-lovers all across the city appreciated having one central site to discover and share the tastiest dishes with each other. Born was TasteToronto, weighing 6 lbs 9oz and ready to take on the world. I also really enjoy eating grilled calamari.


Corey Cott

There are two things that Corey truly loves in this world: social media, and...food! Well, there are more than two, but these are among the closest to his heart. Corey is endlessly intrigued by the interconnectivity of the social web, and in constant pursuit of the next decadent dish to tickle his taste buds. It was these two strong passions that drove him to join the TasteToronto team, spending every day aiming to please the pallets of Toronto's amazing foodies! When Corey is not immersed in social media, you can find him at a music festival, travelling the world, or eating at one of Toronto's hottest restaurants.


Brandon Klein

Nothing beats a nice late night dinner with friends in a restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere, excellent service and great food. The positive emotions and unforgettable memories that come from it are next to none, driving Brandon's passion to be a part of the growing TasteToronto community. Brandon thoroughly enjoys interacting with anyone and everyone. New experiences lead to new found knowledge, something he lives by. Toss him the mic, a glass of French wine, and he is good to go.

Community and Event Manager

Raquel Inwentash

The apple of Raquel’s eye? She has two. Pizza and Pasta. Growing up, her order included penne (no lines) with tomato sauce on the side (no basil), Pizza, margherita, light on the sauce, and no toppings. This early (and slightly unusual) love for Italian food only developed with age and soon became an obsession. Raquel studied photography and moved abroad to Rome for six months where she was able to capture all forms of art; aka all the pizza and pasta she could find. Eyes > stomach, literally. Now back in Toronto, she is infatuated with the hottest restaurants in the city - Italian or not - every new opening is a must-try and every night of the week is a chance to wine-and-dine. Eat, sleep, eat, repeat!


Jonathan Azouri

At the age of eight, Jonathan was reminded by a family member that 'you are what you eat.' From that day forward, he embarked on a journey to discover the most mouthwatering dishes out there. McGill University opened up Jonathan’s eyes to some of the finest cuisine in the country, which is when he decided to take the reigns on Montreal’s hottest food blog. Jon’s passion for the Montreal food scene is taken to new heights everyday and he is looking forward to what’s next!

Account Manager

Chloe Allen

Chloe loves to eat, especially when the food is Instagram-worthy. When she’s not taking pictures of milkshakes topped with donuts and Nutella pizzas, she’s chowing down on some home made desserts. Her exchange program in Italy taught Chloe about some of the world’s finest pastas, pizzas, and wine and inspired her to take on role centred around her hometown’s best eats. Now back living in Toronto she can’t wait to get back into Canada’s best food scene.


Brian Ji

He always follows this one simple rule when it comes to photographing delicious food, 'let the camera eat first'. As much as he loves his food and can't let his stomach go hungry,
no one can stop him from capturing what he envisions. Brian simply won't eat until his camera finishes eating. Although there's an endless list of cravings, nothing makes him happier than a glass of cold refreshing Chè Ba Màu with well seasoned Phở.


Sarah Stockall

Sarah’s idea of fun is anything that revolves around a juicy burger, an extra cheesy pizza, or something with chocolate that’s covered in peanut butter. When Sarah backpacked around Europe, her entire travel itinerary was planned around places she wanted to eat. Her perpetual hunger to discover the most delicious food in Toronto led Sarah to the Taste Toronto team, where she combines her expertise in eating with her passion for writing. You can catch this media-savvy foodie cooking a new recipe, drooling over mac and cheese on Instagram, or checking out food blogs for the next best places to eat in the city. Oh, and she’s pretty much the best dinner date ever.


Jennifer Steele

The world is Jennifer’s oyster, and lucky for her, she loves oysters! Not to mention, she craves just about any delicious gem from the ocean, with East Coast Canadian roots in her blood. And it doesn't stop there, she is hands down a foodie. She has been for a very long time, which is funny because as a scrawny teen she only ate from a can - seriously! Canned corn and sausages were her jam. But now, being all grown up and living in the beautiful city of Toronto, she has truly gotten a sense of what it's like to enjoy the art of real cooking, a beautiful thing, that many people consider a routine. She has a passion for photography and writing reviews on travel, and lucky for her, food and drink almost always falls within that realm. She’ll try just about any delicious creation once, but due to her travel history, her heart will forever be with SouthEast Asian cuisine.

Thank you to Cathy Feghali, Empty Quarterjbnc_ & Brian Ji for the beautiful images of our city.

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