10 Sprinkle Inspired Treats in Toronto

Sprinkles make everything 100 times better, so why not add some colour to your favourite dessert? Any day you need an extra dose of happy, grab yourself one of these treats. Bring out your inner child and add some decoration to your life with these sprinkle inspired sweets.

10. Bake Shoppe

Confetti Birthday Cookie: Sugar Cookie | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://www.bakeshoppeto.com/



9. Bunner’s Bake Shop

Funfetti Cupcake: Funfetti Cake | Creamy Vanilla Frosting | Rainbow

Website: http://www.bunners.ca/


8. Sweet Jesus

Krusty the Kone: Vanilla Soft Serve | Cotton Candy | Pink Syrup | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://www.sweetjesus4life.com/


7. The Big Chill

Ice Cream Donut Sundae: Strawberry Ice Cream on a Glazed Donut | Strawberry Sauce | Oreo Cookie | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://www.thebigchill.ca/


6. Von Doughnuts

Mangiacake Donut: Raised Donut | Vanilla Bean Dipped | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://vondoughnuts.com/



5. Momofuku Milkbar

B’day Truffles: Vanilla Rainbow Cake | White Chocolate | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://milkbarstore.com/main/


4. The Rolling Pin

Birthday Cake Bars: Birthday Cake Bars | White Chocolate Chips | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://www.therollingpin.ca/


3. Cookie Scoop

Cookie Pizza: Pink Chocolate Sauce | Golden Oreos | Chocolate Gems | Rainbow Sprinkles | White Kit Kat

Website: http://www.cookiescoop.ca/


2. Uncle Betty’s

Cinnamon Sugar Donut | Fresh Ice Cream | Whipped Cream | Rainbow Sprinkles | Chocolate Drizzle

Website: http://unclebettys.com/


1. Short & Sweet Cupcakes

The Sprinkler Cake: Vanilla Cake | Vanilla Butter Cream | Rainbow Sprinkles

Website: http://shortandsweetcupcakes.ca/