The 10 Best Birthday Cake Flavoured Treats in Toronto

Why limit birthday cake to once a year when you can have it all the time? Many cafes and bakeries have been inspired by this popular flavour and taken it to the next level. Our list has cake batter influenced desserts to fill any craving across the board. This will often include vanilla and bright rainbow sprinkles. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

10. Krispy Kreme


Birthday Cake Chiller


9. David’s Tea
  Birthday Cake Tea


8.  Sleepy Baker
  Birthday Cake Cupcakes


7. Robyn’s Cookies
Birthday Cake Cookies


6. Sweet Olenka’s Queen West
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Bar


5. Cookie Scoop
Birthday Cake Cookie
4. Delysees
Vanilla Birthday Cake Macaron


3. Colette Grand Café
Birthday Cake Croissant


2. Sweet Jesus
Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cone


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1. The Rolling Pin
Birthday Cake Donut