The 10 Best Macaron Bakeries in Toronto

Have a bite-sized circular cake with a crumbly exterior and soft chewy inside. It’s comprised of two cookie halves, sandwiching ganache, jam or buttercream filling in between. These pastel coloured pastries will tempt your tastebuds. Take a look at the 10 Best Macaron Bakeries in Toronto:

10. Bake Them Pretty


Bake Them Pretty
9. Dessert Lady
 Dessert Lady


8. Delysees

Photo Cred: @laurashum


7. Petit Nuage
Petit Nuage


6. MoRoCo Chocolat


5. Petite Thuet
Petite Thuet
4. Butter Avenue Queen & Spadina
Butter Avenue Queen & Spadina


3. Nadège Patisserie
Nadège Patisserie


2. La Bamboche Patisserie
La Bamboche


1. Bobbette & Belle
Bobbette & Belle