The 10 Best Croque Madame in Toronto

Originating from France, this traditional bistro dish is basically a fancier take on the classic grilled cheese. The Croque-Madame is a thin grilled ham and melted cheese sandwich, topped with an oozing fried egg. For the finishing touch, bubbling and golden béchamel sauce is drizzled on top.

10. Wish Restaurant


Wish Restaurant


9. Le Petit Dejeuner
  Le Petit Dejeuner


8.  The Saint Tavern
 The Saint Tavern


7. The White Brick Kitchen
The White Brick Kitchen


6. Emma’s Country Kitchen
Emma’s Country Kitchen


5. Le Neuf Café
Le Neuf Café 
4. Cluny


3. La Societe
La Societe


2. Le Select Bistro
Le Select Bistro


1. Café Fiorentina
Café Fiorentina